Wednesday, February 8, 2017

6 People We Wish Would Stop Using Linkedin

Linkedin is quite possibly the best business networking tool on planet earth.  Used correctly it can dramatically increase your success in selling and can help to broaded your reach for all kinds of opportunities.  But let’s face facts: There are people on Linkedin that drive us bonkers and that we wish would stop polluting our feeds.   Here are the top 5 people we wish would stop using Linkedin today:
1. The Hot Girl Liker:  We get it.  She’s on the beach, taking a selfie, and you think she’s an “inspiration to all with her positive message!”  We just don’t care.
2. The Political Hater:  None of us like to see people crucifying each other on a business networking site because they support one candidate or another.  We all have political leanings and have a great forum to express our views: At the ballot box!
3. The Connections Creep:  If for some ridiculous reason you are trying to get 500,000 connections on Linkedin there are far better ways to get there than sending random connection requests.  Most of us already have a business coach, hiring firm and sales trainer.  If we haven’t met virtually or in person save your request until we have!
4. The Open CC’er:  Sending a message to EVERYBODY on your connections list with an open cc/ is not just annoying, it’s disrespectful.  And yes, I’ve done it myself by accident, so look for that “check” box to bcc/ instead!
5. The Instant Opportunist:  Just because we accept your connection request doesn’t mean we’re ready to buy something from you 5 seconds later.  What ever happened to first base??

6.  Fake and ruthless recruiters  posting non exiting jobs (trying to scam out candidates 
e-mail and phone numbers and thus playing with desperate people mind.

In addition ,those over zealous recruiters who respond to an inquiry about how best to approach a problem with an offer to place the perfect candidate for a non-existent job 


Now it’s your turn!  I’m sure there are a bunch that I’ve missed.  What type of activity do you wish people would stop doing on Linkedin?  What kinds of things do you actually like to see on Linkedin that you wish people would do more of?  Your voice matters so be sure to leave your comments!
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